Friday, April 4, 2014

Twist and shout

Thank you Lord for the small moments.

Getting ready for the Elmira Maple Syrup festival this last month has been hard to blog.  A few more days and it will be here and done.  Praying we raise awareness and funds for Bringing Heaven to Earth Inc.  Helping children with special abilities.

At our house we are so used to encouraging our kids to stretch themselves and do things they do not think are possible. 

For Emma we are teaching her to use her left hand more.  While she does not have full use of it she can definitely use it to hold things and use as a support to keep items in place while she uses her right hand. 

I love when she places a marker her her left hand and then uses her right hand to pull the lid off.  Her determination to get it done is like no other.   Emma knows no different and nor should she.  I love the way God created her.  Thank you God we are all so different.  I have learned over the years to appreciate the small blessings God gives our family.

First steps at 2 years old for Troy.  Scott helping Troy with equipment or bags.  Kids playing wheelchair races for Track and Field day.  Emma holding her head up stronger.  Bella getting excited when Emma says a word clearer.  Going to see a sledge hockey game.  Bella and Scott saying how adorable a child is who has Down Syndrome.

I was going to attach a moment I caught with Emma but the video won't upload from the tablet.  Here is her working on the Ipad with Talking Angelina.  Little bit of speech practice.  She knows her way around the IPAD too.

I reflect as I think of God looking down on us and watching us succeed in the things He wants for us.  When He gives us gifts (not worldly) and we become excited and may tear up.  Imagine how He feels?  I can not imagine this world without special needs children (all children).    Life is just so much more then the world teaches.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cake and Icecream

Thank you Lord for doing manicures.

My business is slow over the winter months.  Clients have their toes covered up with socks and fluffy slippers and hands that are cracked and full of creams.  With the winter we have had it is hard to think of getting a manicure or pedicure.  

Last night I was excited to go see a client in Palmerston.  She had received a gift certificate for Christmas.  I have never met her before. 

As we exchanged hellos she led me to her apartment. My favorite part of my job is I get to peacefully listen as clients tell me all about their precious lives.  Story after Story.   God reminds me to be silent and listen.  Each story I fall in love with the people He has created and how imperfect they are just like me.  He has taught me through my brothers and sisters to love one another as He loves us. 

Laughter was shared lots last night and I reveal part of my life as well.  I love how I did not even bring up faith and she shared her belief but does not always attend church.  God gives me yet another opportunity to possibly pray at the end of the manicure.  Not because I feel I have to but after learning my client had breast cancer two years ago and well I can't reveal physical visuals she needs to protect her privacy, my heart was feeling she just needed to feel loved and that God is standing right with her in all aspects of her life apart from constant check ups.

Lots of our life's stories were left out in the air with the fresh smell of nail polish as I began to clean up. 

"Do you mind if I pray with you?" I asked shyly but boldly.

"Sure," she agreed.

As I sat beside her on the couch I laid my hand on her shoulder and smiling told her to relax and let me do the praying.

Can I just say I love God.  I love my faith and because of Him I have the honor of praying for another sister.  I could give a hug, give a card, just listen and say, "wow what a life," and even give her a discount later on just because.  Those are all great ways to tell someone how special they are.  For me though (hugs is my 2nd favorite), to get up and sit beside her, put my hand on her shoulder and tell her how much she is loved by God, to ask for healing, to bless her heart, to thank Him for one little moment of doing nails and pray with someone is an unbelievable feeling. 

In the middle of our prayer there is a knock on the door and someone walks in and gives my client a piece of cake and ice cream.  A tradition where she lives on Friday nights.  I was so sad our prayer was interrupted but found it funny for some reason.  My client was floored that someone would knock and walk in  asthey normally do not do that.

My head was trying to figure out what God was saying with our prayer being interrupted.  It took me a moment and during our laughter I looked at the plate and then her and said,

"God wants you to know that life is sweet!"

I believe He interrupted our prayer to remind her and myself that Life is Sweet!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

3-2-1 "TIMBER"

Lord thank you for blocks.

It seems as though all kids love to build things up and knock them down (Ok really who are we kidding adults are just as keen). Kids build a snowman and knock it down.  I can just imagine the workers who get to bring a building down with dynamite.  Then as the building comes down you can not help but notice the huge gathering of people behind the safety zone fence all gitty and excited to watch a building come down.  I know I love watching it when it is on T.V.  The count down, "10, 9, 8,.." can not go fast enough.

In our house building things doesn't always come as easy and when they do get built there are little milestones that are developed in just knocking things down.  

Below is Emma having a blast knocking down her building.  For us we must turn that quick moment into therapy and even though I grab her right hand and encourage her to  use her left hand the joy lives on.  God is just amazing and we are thankful for all He has given Emma especially her gift of joy.  May we forever be able to encourage our four kids even in knocking things down.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Inside out

Thank you for inside out days.

Some may figure this picture out right away and others might take  a few minutes. 

Let me help!

The picture shows a picture of my pants (butt side sorry).  As I looked in the mirror for a quick side view I noticed my new grown tail.  No relation to the bunny we got at Christmas.

I love the joys of being a stay at home mom.  11 years later and I still do not know how to put pants on early in the morning.  I thought it was so funny and had a good laugh with God. Wonder how I will put on my Angel wings...probably upside down.

I am proud to say I am a stay at home mom of 11 years and I do not know how to put my own pants on some days.  Just some days.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Our life of faith

God be with those that read my blogs about you.  May they have an open mind and know how I love to share what you are doing in our lives and so how real You are.

Saturday morning I found myself in a meeting with other people from Selah fire (church) who lead small groups.  We gathered to share all that God was doing in our groups.  Encouragement fills the room as all who shared about their groups is full of amazing stories and beginnings.

Finishing up anyone was invited to sit in the centre to get prayer.  Usually at this time I always chuckle and wonder if I should just quick run and sit in the chair.  I love to have prayer.   To have my Selah family surround me and love on me with prayer is like no other feeling.  I did not get up and run this time.  Instead another lady took the chair and asked for prayer in a certain area of her life.

As our pastor began to pray and talking about "anointing" I immediately had a vision of Jesus standing at steps.  They seemed to be steps in her house.  Voices around the room began to filter up prayers and not hearing a word they were saying I zoned in on my vision.  I was asking myself why Jesus was not moving up those steps.  He seemed stuck there.  "Lord should I ask her if she has steps in her house?  Why are you stuck at the bottom of the steps?" I asked with my eyes closed.  I then thought to myself I will see if He moves as others move through their prayers.  Still not hearing a word anyone was saying my heart began to beat fast, I felt something so strong and yucky about Jesus being stuck at those steps.  My hands began to sweat.  Doubt began to set in.  I began to feel as though this lady needed to anoint those steps and the steps of the person in her life we were praying for.  The moment came and I asked, "Do you have steps in your house?"  Oh gosh she is going to say no.

"Yes I do. " she confirmed.

"I really feel like God wants you to anoint those steps and those steps of who we are praying for.  I feel like Jesus is stuck at those steps" I explained and began to cry as it began to feel more and more like a strong hold there.  This is a first time this has happened with so much emotion during a prayer. I still had little phrases of doubt pop in and out like, "Way to go Heather, really Jesus at the steps, everyone has steps in their house.  Your just emotional cause you are a loser." Satan says passing on one of his infamous lies.

"Heather," the lady says, "Four years ago I was praying in and over my house and when I looked over at my steps Satan was standing right in front of those steps" she confirmed.  "I thought I had kicked him out but He must be back." (paraphrased)

At this point I began to fill with excitement and emotion.  God had used me in that moment.  I wasn't done though.  Our pastor asked me to pray into that vision.  I do not remember my exact prayer but it definitely was to smash Satan while he stood at her steps.  We all stomped and emotion was not hiding.  What a fun moment.

If I had not been there at that moment, with the faith that I have, surrounded by sisters and brothers of faith our friend may not have got the vision I had.  If I trust and have faith He, God speaks and reveals.  It may all seem unreal to some but when moments actually happen to you like this you know with  your heart of hearts it is really true.  I had a vision and the lady we were praying for confirmed it. 

Luke 11:1
[ Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer ] One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”
Luke 4:18
“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.
God is good.
Oh and REAL

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A week long day

Monday Feb 10 I watched as Dean took three of our kids to school and say, "See you in 10 days."
Not long
after Emma and I loaded up in the van and drove Dean over to our Selah Fire gathering home where our mission team was to leave on our usual yellow bus.

Honestly after four years of going to Peru my emotions were that of a Dairy Queen blizzard.  The coldness I felt as I had a tinge of jealously Dean was going and I was staying home. The smell of the sweetness was that of all the hugs Dean would give from the both of us.  Can not forget the yummy candy and that is of my husband who was going to be off on a 10 day mission trip.  Ten days of doing God's work. 

I knew he would not be stuck in some factory welding.  Trying to make money.  Earthly treasure.  While I missed the routine of him coming home each night after work I knew each day he would arrive back at the Casa de Paz, orphanage after a treasure hunt/prayer walk and would love on the children/family there.

Each night I had to hurry the kids to bed as I was so tired.  As my head hit the pillow I would think of how tired I was those years I went to bed but knowing I had done Gods work all day so made it worth while.  As I closed my eyes I felt proud knowing my husband was out doing that work.

Day after day would go by.  Kids were in school.  Two major projects to complete.  Reading to do.  Two Brownie meetings to lead. Hot tub to get rid of (surprise for Dean).  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... they all went by all 10 of them. 

Those around me said how fast the days went as we approached the night before Dean.  I felt as though I had no response.  Ten days did not feel quick nor long.  So much had happened and been full busy days that the first feeling that popped in my head to describe our ten days home here in Drayton was a week that felt like one big day.

I love what God is doing our little family.  Mission trips are like no other experience.  We do not build homes or schools but rather relationships with God right dab in the centre.  Our family in Peru have invited us to their weddings and to their child's baptism.  A few of our friends have flown up to stay with us here in Drayton.

As I have the Oscars on in the background I can not help but think of a night where missionaries go up to receive a heavenly treasure and the only person we thank in our acceptance speech is God.  For He plans our steps.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 4 treasure hunt

Tradition in our house when it comes to Peru mission trips.

Five years ago I made my first 24 hour trek to Pacasmayo Peru. In preparing to leave I felt as though I needed to somehow talk to my kids (3 at the time) while I was gone in  way that did not involve the phone. 

Putting the brain on the move I came up with making a web cam movie with a message and a prayer for each day I was gone.  Also in the message highlighting what I would be doing at the orphanage each day.

To make it even more fun I hit treasures each day for the kids to find.  Leaving clues behind they must find them.

This year Dean left on Feb 10th for his first ever  mission trip on his own.  I have gone on three Peru mission trips myself and Dean and I went on the last one together. 

Right now he is probably snoring away on his mattress on the floor.

The picture below is the kids with the clues to find today's treasure (so far yummy treats)

We end up down  in Troy's room and Bella found the treat in Troys closet under some clothes on the shelf.

 A little pack of suckers enough for two each. 
While daddy does his Treasure hunts for God our kids are having fun doing treasure hunts for their daddy.
We love and miss him but we are all so proud to have a man in our life that is down in Peru doing what he is doing for God with an amazing group of people from Selah Fire and our amazing family who live in Peru.  HUGS HUGS HUGS