Tuesday, November 5, 2013

$95.00 shoes means independence

 $95.00 SHOES
For 9 years we would make bi-monthly visits to shoe stores to replace ones that look like the below picture.  Troy's Cerebral Palsy causes him to walk alot on his toes especially when he goes fast.  Oh I should mention he is 11 years old so there is only fast pace on his dial.

We have gone to shoe store after shoe store to find the perfect shoe.  Let me rephrase that the perfect rubber sole.  One that will not wear out, be affordable and fit braces (AFO's).  All three requirements are the hardest all at the same time.  Add to that shoes that Troy can put on by himself.  Never an easy task for mom or dad to put on let alone him to have to reach down and try to pull them on.
I even wrote a letter to Nike asking for help and never got a response back.  Searched the Internet and even though there are thousands of hits nothing ever came up for what we needed.
Two weeks ago I came across a shoe add on a special needs page I belong to and became overjoyed at the prospect of a new place to get shoes (in the US of course).
I printed off their chart to measure Troy with his braces on. Within a couple of days I phoned the company and ordered the size of shoe with Velcro and made sure they were the athletic style.  Order was all good until I said we lived in Canada.  The receptionist then gave me a Canadian number to call who upon calling get me a company in Guelph who would order the shoes for us.  Guelph are you kidding?
Upon our first appointment at Applied Biomechanics we were met with such friendly staff.  Troy got measured up and we would wait for the call the shoes were in.  The next day I would come home to a message Troys shoes were in.  The picture you see above is the pair of shoes Troy had so we were desperately due for a new pair.  I did not even care how much those new US shoes would cost they sounded perfect.  
Next appointment I could have cried as I watched them slide with so much ease the shoes onto Troy's braces.  My heart is dancing as I see the loop on the back of the shoe and the loop on the tongue which means Troy will have something to pull with his fingers to get his shoe on easier.  The depth in the shoe means the braces will not slide out. 
I looked at the worker and asked, "Where have you been all our brace life?"  We all chuckled.  To see Troys face and excitement to put on his own shoes after so long was priceless. He got bugged alot by teachers and EA's at school that he could not get on his own shoes over his brace and I continually explained to them how hard it was.  Now he can do it.
I went up to the window to pay and when she said, "$95.00 please!" I did not even care.  My heart is so happy.
Today for the first time in years Troy came into the kitchen before school and said, "Mom I got my shoes on I am all ready."  We gave each other a big hug.
I am also excited because this new place in Guelph also makes braces which means Emma and Troy can get them there in the future which means less trips to Hamilton.
Thank you God for people who make $95.00 shoes.  for companies like applied Biomechanics in Guelph for their compassion to help people get the right orthotics.  I am still in aw...
Ps hoping that work benefits will cover the cost.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Promise of a rainbow

The kids began complaining and asked a zillion times, "Mom when are they going to call us in?"  The dreaded wait in the waiting room to followup with Emma's Neurologist.  Just when we are all ready to give up 45 minutes later the doctor finally comes out to collect Emma's CD with her MRI pictures we had to get from the doctor she had before we adopted her.  Along with the CD I shared all the medical records we have ordered from old doctors.  Off the doctor went with our information to look it over.

I am so disappointed in myself because at that point I should have covered my family in prayer.  Shielded us from worldly diagnosis and words.

The kids helped give a quick little update once we settled in the patient room.  "Is it OK to show you the images?" the doctor asked.  I was so succumbed by the excitement of learning about Emma's brain that I forgot about praying quickly in my head for what they were about to say medically.

"This part here is abnormal," and "See this section here should look like this," I heard for four parts of her wee brain.  Too me it looked perfect.  Emma is perfect.  To God she is perfect.  I was overwhelmed with everything the doctor showed and explained.  I asked if my other three kids could see the pictures of Emma's brain.  After a few giggles we all settled back in the patient room. 

I honestly had no questions.  What could I possibly ask after hearing Emma's little brain was abnormal in many places?  "Mrs. Clemmer Emma has a 50-60% chance of having seizures," doctor says.  Instantly I was taken back 11 years ago when Troy was 2 pounds in his isolette in NICU and he had to be given medication for seizures.  That was the hardest thing to watch as a mom as his tiny body arched back trying to cry but stopped by ventilation tubes down his throat.  "Oh God I am not prepared for seizures," I silently whispered in my own heart.

Discussion began regarding seizure medication, what to do and what not to do should it happen.  Along with hearing not sure if she will walk, they warned of not being able to talk, not being able to take care of herself in later years, her life span and be prepared for many communication devices etc.  Earthly words.  I knew that as soon as I heard them but because i forgot to pray before I feel i did not have my shield up. 

On the way home I felt as though I had been stung.  I felt a yuck.  I felt unsure. 

See this picture of the rainbow below my son Troy took on our way home from Hamilton that day.  WOW.  Thank you God for reminding me of your promises.  While rainbows are of a promise of no more flooding I always feel such a love when I gaze at its beauty.  It reminds me not of just one promise but of God's many promises in His word.  Promises He has for Emma.  He has amazing plans for her.  See while doctors have great information God has the best information. He doesn't tell us we will never walk, never talk and live so long.

I chose to put on Gods glasses and when His glasses scan I bring Heaven to Earth and I see a perfect little brain.  I see the beauty God made in His little princess.  I see the glow in her heart.  I see the determination He has blessed her with.   These glasses are priceless, non shatter proof.  They come with a relationship with Him.  How can I possibly live without His glasses? 

The last words the doctors said before we left that day were considering all the MRI scans revealed, Emma far exceeds the diagnosis.  Children with those similar images were not near where Emma was. 

Darn right she exceeds cause God has plans for her.  He is already healing her.  Having a church family and a few family members along with Dean, myself and her sister and brothers praying for her, loving on her Emma is gonna rock this earth.  So grateful we were chosen for her and her for us. 

Pot of gold is the promise in the rainbow.